About the Swedish Space Data Lab

The Swedish Space Data Lab was initiated 2019 as a collaboration project between AI Sweden, the Swedish National Space Agency, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, and Luleå University of Technology.

Space data is used in a wide range of fields. It is indispensable for, among other things, weather forecasts and monitoring the climate, but it is also extremely important for forestry, agriculture and other fields in which up-to-date information about vegetation and the land surface is needed.

The Swedish Space Data Lab is intended to be a national innovation hub for Swedish authorities using Earth observation data, and for the development of AI-based analysis of the data. The purpose of the lab is to enable increased use of data from space for the development of society for the benefit of the globe. 

The goal is to get data, technology, and methodology in place to enable systematic development of space data based services and applications.